Corvo, The smallest island of the archipelago...

Corvo is 10 miles north of Flores and has a surface area of 17 km2. The population stands at approximately 300 inhabitants concentrated in the town of “Vila Nova”.

The picturesque town is composed of narrow streets locally called “canadas”. The most prominent structure the “Igreja de Nossa Senhora dos Milagres” or Our Lady of Miracles Church (patron saint of the island), was built during the 16th century using the Flemish design from “Malines”.

Departing from the urban centre, the “Morro do Pão Açucar” (hill), offers the first view overlooking Corvo. At “Monte Grosso”, the highest mount on the island with an altitude of 770 meters, an extraordinary view overlooking the “Caldeirão” is available. This vast crater, 300 meters deep with a perimeter of 3,4 km, is the remains of the now extinct volcano from which the island originated.

The interesting cliffs of the “Cavaleiro” and the “Marco” and various other islets scattered near the island, provide the steep coast with a splendour worthy of admiration.