Sports and Entertainment

Many alternatives exist for long walks through the flowered roads and green countryside. On any given tour the traveller may enjoy the tranquillity of these volcanic islands. The direct contact with nature will provide many memories.

The mild climate and natural surroundings provide excellent conditions for outdoor sports including golf, tennis, hunting and lake fishing.

The climactic conditions in the Azores, especially during summer, are excellent for the sport of paragliding. It is a sport practised on almost all the islands of the archipelago and events are organised regularly. There are areas that are obligatory to visit for those involved in this sport. “The Azorean International Paragliding Encounter”, promoted by the Horta Air Club takes place during the month of August.

The crystal blue water surrounding the islands, calm and mild in temperature, is inviting to many nautical sports such as surfing, windsurfing, yachting, rowing, sailing and swimming. In addition, a rich variety of fish provide the amateur line fisherman excellent catches. Professionals can expect catches that may reach European and world records, especially in the triangular area between Faial, Pico and São Jorge. There exist in the region boats that are well equipped with supplies and capable men for sport fishing in deep waters. The Azorean waters also offer the observers of sub aquatic life a deep multicoloured ocean rich in sea life and vegetation. Many natural pools and beaches offer areas for socialising and rest during the swimming season.

Many other sporting activities are available, some of which are listed below:

- Presently there are 3 different golf courses in the Azores, one in Terceira and two in S. Miguel. Another golf course is under construction in Faial and a project is underway for a golf course in Santa Maria.