Arriving in the valley of “Furnas”, a true paradise, you will find many interesting and beautiful places to make your stay a truly memorable one, namely:

The Furnas lake, surrounded by a beautiful flowered shore which inspires moments of tranquillity and romance;

- The “Ermida José do Canto” (Jose do Canto Chapel), erected in dedication to Our Lady of Victory, projects a gothic profile which is perfectly integrated and now inseparable from the rest of the landscape;

- The area of the “Caldeiras” (Hot Springs) at the lake, serve as a natural kitchen. Cooking by burying pots of food in the earth is a tradition that not only appears wondrous but provides a fantastic meal of mixed meats and vegetables “cozido” (a form of New England boil), cod or even “caldeiradas de peixe” (fish bouillabaisse);

In the town of Furnas the “Caldeiras”, are even more spectacular. Many openings in the earth sprout geysers of boiling hot water. The medicinal mud and the faucets of mineral waters of various tastes and temperatures are all conditions which make “Furnas” one of the richest hydrologic regions in Europe.

The Thermal Baths make good use of these waters and muds by using immersion baths, showers and mud applications to treat various disorders, or just for your relaxation. A doctor, specialised in thermal treatments is available.

The “Terra Nostra” Park, behind the hotel of the same name, is one of the most beautiful parks in São Miguel. This 18th century park consists of small trails circling artistically groomed lakes, and streams, bushes of colourful and exotic flowers and century old trees of great botanical value. A lake-pool of thermal iron water, dominated by the “Casa do Park” (Park House), the former summer home of its’ founder, Thomas Hickling, complements the intoxicating mood instilled by this incredible park;

The “Parque Florestal” (Forestry commission) incorporates a plant nursery with many ornamental plants. These plants form the base of the many private gardens within the municipality. Also of interest are the aquatic tanks used to breed trout used to replenish the many lakes and rivers of São Miguel;

The look-out point of “Pico do Ferro” presents a stunning view of the lake, and the valley of “Furnas”, The lookout point of “Salto do Cavalo” provides an equally beautiful view that also includes the village of “Povoação”.

“Ribeira Quente” (hot stream), a small fishing village approximately 6 km from Furnas, offers an excellent beach. “Praia do Fogo” or Fire Beach, received its name as water in some areas is warmer due to the underwater volcanic activity.