The descent from the “Pico da Barrosa”, the highest point of the “Serra de Àgua de Pau”, to the town of “Remédios”, Lagoa, takes you through scenes of extraordinary and untouched beauty along the west half of the island and offer a spectacular view of “Sete Cidades” (Seven Cities).

Arriving in the town of “Lagoa”, seat of the smallest municipality in São Miguel, you can visit the ceramics factory, where the typical “louça da Lagoa” (pottery) is made. A walk along the streets offers a view of the following

The “Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Rosário” (Our Lady of the Rosary church), “Ermida de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios” (Chapel of Our Lady of Remédios), and the “Igreja de Santo António” (Saint Anthony’s Church), the latter an interesting example of baroque architecture from the 18th century originally belonging to the Franciscan Convent which is located next to it.

- The municipal pool is enjoyed by many especially during the summer.

The next stop on route to “Vila Franca do Campo” is “Caloura”, with a picturesque artisan fishing port. The town was protected by the “Forte de Nossa Senhora da Conceição” (Fort of Our Lady of the Conception) which also served to protect the convent of the same name. The Fort and Convent are presently private property filled with vineyards and surrounded by a stone wall. It is an inviting and tranquil place to stop for a rest.

The magnificent viewpoint of the “Pisão”, is a compulsory stop offering a panoramic view over Caloura.

The beaches of “Prainha” and “Agua d’Alto” provide an excellent spot to refresh and relax before arriving in “Vila Franca do Campo”.