Distant about 76 miles northwest of São Miguel and occupying a surface of 381.96 km2, Terceira has as its main gateway its international airport, located in Lajes, 3 km from the city of Praia da Vitória, which besides its civil functions, due to its excellent clues and strategic geographic position, also performs military functions, in it being hosted the Air Force Command of the Azores, Air Base no 4 and an important Military Base of the American Air Force.

Despite the beauty that characterizes the Terceira landscape, it can be said that it is in the historical-cultural field that much of the island’s value lies.

Places in Terceira

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MUMA festival at Faial

The initiative, organized by the Música Vadia Association, with the support of Horta’s City Council, brings together in Faial names like You Can’t Win Charlie Brown, Filho da Mãe, Octapush, Julinho da Concertina, Stone Dead, DJ Quesadilla, Tigra and Yes Man, in a mixture of styles and rhythms “for all tastes”. “With a tailor-made poster, to be both inclusive and …

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