9 Wonders in the Atlantic

In the Atlantic Ocean, there are nine islands that form the archipelago of the Azores. These islands, roughly at the same latitude of Lisbon, were discovered around 1427, when the Portuguese sailors arrived here.

Even today, the Azores honor the tradition of these men, receiving tourist cruises and scientific expedition teams and being an important stopover point for travelers in the Atlantic.


Natural beauty is found throughout the Azores archipelago. All the islands have volcanic origin and the traveler can enjoy the lagoons, mountains, active and inactive volcanoes, as well as the luxuriant vegetation that covers the nine islands. All under the blue sky and Atlantic background!


Festivals are a way of life in the Azores. The bullfight with the rope is held in the squares and streets of various cities of Terceira Island, where visitors are welcome and active participants in the party. On the other hand, the Azores have a strong Catholic tradition. Throughout the year it is possible to observe the various demonstrations of faith – especially the Holy Spirit – with the Feast of the Lord Santo Cristo dos Milagres in May.


Os Açores são ideais para a prática de vela, windsurf, surf e parapente. A pesca, especialmente na vertente “big game fishing”, tem vindo a afirmar-se no panorama mundial da modalidade. E como falamos de um arquipélago, existe um conjunto muito diversificado de atividades ligadas ao mar. Quem visita os Açores pode experimentar a observação de golfinhos e baleias, nadar com tubarões e fazer mergulho com ou sem botijas. Ou simplesmente desfrutar das praias de areia preta e das formações naturais rochosas que criam verdadeiras piscinas naturais.


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