The special mist of São Miguel

There is a special mist all over the island of São Miguel! Of volcanic origin that still remains active, São Miguel is one of the nine islands of the Azores. It is a remote and relatively unknown paradise where you will not find crowds of tourists.

São Miguel

Hidden from the world, somewhere between Europe and America, São Miguel has far fewer tourists than mainland Portugal and most tourist destinations. The visitor will find stunning scenery, fantastic food and friendly people. All in small point!

São Miguel is covered with shades of green all year round. Encased in huge craters and active hot springs that bear witness to its volcanic past, São Miguel is a unique paradise.

São Miguel

In recent years, São Miguel has experienced a great development, in particular its largest city, Ponta Delgada. With the liberalization of airspace and the arrival of low-cost airlines, important investments were made in the main areas of tourist activity, without losing sight of its natural balance.

São Miguel remains an unaltered paradise, preserved in terms of nature nature and where the visitor will find endless adventure activities – whale watching, rails within stunning landscapes, diving with sharks, horseback riding, surfing, paragliding and mountaineering – or simply the conditions perfect for meditation.

The most exceptional part of São Miguel is the idea a secret place, not discovered by the masses. It is, after all, a private paradise!

The Azores are not for everyone. They are for real travelers! The important thing for them is to sit on a rock by the sea and feel the salt water, be in a local bar and have an interesting conversation with the locals.


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