Azores, the islands of outdoor activities

From hiking to horseback riding, from diving to whale watching from surfing to paragliding, there are numerous outdoor activities you can do in the Azores.


TrilhosIn the Azores there are dozens of certified trails, on all islands and of different types. From the easy circulars to the challenging climb of Pico, the highest mountain in Portugal (2,351m). There are also high difficulty trails and long routes. The most significant and complete can be found on the island of Santa Maria.


FloresCascades surrounded by lush forest are the ideal place to experience canyoning. Destinazores chooses the island of Flores for this practice.



Whale watching

Baleia azulThe Azores are a world-class whale watching destination, with a large number of companies dedicated to this activity. Although whales can be seen practically all over the archipelago, the island of Pico is the perfect destination to see these incredible mammals.



ParapenteOver the past 25 years, the Azores have become one of the great world references for the practice of paragliding. The geography of the Azores allows a wide variety of flights. The most spectacular are made over the volcanic craters of the Fogo, Furnas and Sete Cidades lagoons.



Sete Cidades

In the lagoons of Sete Cidade and Furnas, in São Miguel, it is possible to rent kayaks. Sea-adapted kayaking is available on almost all islands.

And if you visit the island of São Jorge, enjoy Fajã do Santo Cristo paddling in a kayak.


SailzenAny tour agency or private captain can organize your tour.

There are companies that personalize trips, meeting all your wishes.




Açor DivingThe Azores’ potential is almost infinite in terms of diving points. Some of the best experiences are on the island of São Jorge (reef of the Rosais) and diving in the blue on the island of Santa Maria. On this island there are spectacular encounters with the great marine mammals. On other islands there are shipwrecks, ready to be explored and also courses on diving initiation.


Santa Barbara Surf School AzoresThe Atlantic Ocean allows for surfable waves. One of the events of the World Surf League is held in the Santa Bárbara beach, Ribeira Grande, where there are also several companies dedicated to the activity.


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