Bathing in hot springs

Bathing in hot springs! It should be on everyone's to-do list! In the Azores, in particular on the island of São Miguel, it is possible to bathe in the warm waters coming from the interior of the land.

Although the Azores are bathed in relatively warm waters, it can still be a little cold. The good news is that there are warm waters where you can take a dip, get a massage with hot natural water or just relax and meditate.

These hot springs are common on the island of São Miguel. Poça da Dona Beija, Caldeira Velha or Terra Nostra Park are places where hot water, enriched with iron, abounds. In Caldeira Velha there are natural pools and a waterfall, all surrounded by the green of the forest. These are perfect places to relax.

Tip: choose the worst day to go to the hot springs. Hot water is best when it’s cold!


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