It rains in São Miguel! Now what?

Andreia Costa is a young finalist in the Tourist Information and Entertainment course and left us with essential experiences in São Miguel. When it rains, of course!

Andreia Costa, living in São Miguel, has a very clear idea of what to discover on the island, in addition to the stunning landscapes and lagoons. According to her (she is the author of an alternative route to São Miguel), the island contains often unknown places that are of great interest.


Climatic conditions should not be an obstacle, but an added value. Instead of the adverse climatic conditions being seen as a negative aspect, in fact they characterize our region and are the reason for all the abundance of resources and beauty.

In recent years, hot summers with some rain have taken place in the Azores. These facts limit the experience of any visitor, as the Azores are a nature destination, and activities in nature are usually canceled on rainy days and bad weather.

The way found by Andreia to solve these limitations and provide the best experience and satisfaction possible to our visitors, was the elaboration of an alternative itinerary of São Miguel.

This itinerary aims to promote the cultural heritage and regional products, arts and crafts, bio and geodiversity of São Miguel, making the vast and interesting culture and history of our island an attraction for those who visit us.


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