What to eat in São Miguel

Eating in the Azores is a unique experience. The food is of excellent quality, based on local products at a low price. Below are some delicious examples:

Furnas stew

It is the most popular dish in São Miguel. The stew is a mixture of meats – pork, chicken and beef – sausage and vegetables. What distinguishes it from a traditional stew is that it is cooked underground by volcanic steam and without water. It is a meal prepared by Mother Nature!

On the banks of Lagoa das Furnas – one of the main geothermal and volcanic points – you can see the pots to be placed and removed from the holes. This is one of the must see sights when visiting the island.

It takes about six hours to cook, giving the visitor plenty of time to enjoy the attractions of Vale das Furnas.


Limpets are conch-shaped shellfish and are found in rocks along the coast. In the Azores, they are typically served fried on a grill, seasoned with a mixed sauce of hot butter, pepper, garlic. In the end, a little lemon.


Some people eat raw, like oysters, enjoying a real “taste of the sea”.


So many happy cows that feed on São Miguel’s green meadows mean high quality meat. The steak in the Azores is tender, juicy and delicious. Order a Regional Steak on the menu, which comes with local pepper, garlic and a fried egg on top.

Queijadas da Vila

Queijadas da Vila are surprisingly simple to produce – milk, eggs, butter, flour and sugar. But it’s just in theory! Originally produced by nuns, these sweets from Vila Franca do Campo are one of the best examples of Portuguese pastry.

Queijadas da Vila

Look for queijadas in restaurants, cafes and bakeries or go directly to the factory next to Vila Franca do Campo marina.

Image: Câmara Municipal Vila Franca do Campo


Tea is not a food but it is still worth talking about. The Gorreana Tea Factory has been producing black, green and orange teas since 1883. It is the only tea plantation in Europe and definitely a place to go when visiting São Miguel.

Chá Gorreana

When visiting the factory near Ribeira Grande, you can taste the various types of tea and see how the tea is produced inside the factory.


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