Can you smell the images?

Getting to know the Azores is also getting to know their peculiar smells. From the boilers in Furnas to the salt-laden air that comes from the Atlantic.


The image above was taken where the famous Furnas stew is made. Volcanic activity is intense and the whole area has a strong and unique smell.

Lagoa do Fogo

A family walks through a place that is difficult to access. It is on the banks of the Fogo lagoon, where the smell of fresh water mixed with humidity allows you to smell this photo without difficulty.

Mercado da Graça

The Farmer’s Market, located in the city of Ponta Delgada, has several smells. In the image above we can smell the vegetables all mixed together.

Santa Maria

This pasture is located on the island of Santa Maria. Can you smell this slightly arid soil?

Santa Maria

And this humidity in Santa Maria too? It is not possible to understand what the season is or whether it is morning or afternoon. But besides the smell you can also feel the fresh air.


The Azorean islands are bathed by the Atlantic. When there are stronger winds, the salt-laden air is transported to land. This air full of humidity and salt is called “salt air” but in the Azores it is also known as “rossio”. Did you smell it?

Terra Nostra

Terra Nostra park touches all the senses. In addition to colors, it has smells, sounds, textures and temperatures for all tastes. The top image has no filter, the water color is orange.

Caldeira Velha

Caldeira Velha smells like iron!

Chá Gorreana

The Azores are the ultimate tea producer in Europe. After the traditional harvest, it is possible to drink a hot and comforting tea in the two existing factories in São Miguel.


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