Happy birthday, Corvo island!

Today, Corvo is to be congratulated on the passing of its 188th anniversary.

With a total area of 17.2 km ² and about 430 inhabitants, Corvo is the smallest and least populous island in the Azores archipelago.

It would have been discovered at the same tima of Flores island in 1452 by Diogo de Teive, on the return of his second exploration trip to Terra Nova. Its settlement was not easy, and several unsuccessful attempts were made.


It was only in 1548, when the Captain of Flores and Corvo, Gonçalo de Sousa, sent slaves of his trust, as farmers and cattle breeders, that the definitive settlement began.

On June 20, 1832, the prince D. Pedro IV, raised the parish of Nossa Senhora dos Milagres, the category of village and seat of municipality.

(Source: Fernando A. Pimentel)


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