From Coimbra, the Furnas have more charm

From a visitor to the Azores (some time ago) we get a record of a tour in Furnas.

David tells us that the trip to Furnas was much more than the photos document. The tour started on the north coast and the first “wow!” happened in Pico do Ferro. It was made the presentation of the place and with a neck strap, also saw where it would lunch. From then on, more “wows!” they would happen.

The day continued with a visit to Salto do Cavalo, continuing to the town of Furnas and finishing the morning in Ribeira Quente. The tunnel was irresistible for taking more romantic photos. For the end was reserved the famous stew of Furnas and the return made by the south coast, enjoying a spectacular end of day on the islet of Vila Franca do Campo. The Furnas had more charm at the time of farewell!


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