Almoxarife Beach

Almoxarife beach is situated in the parish of the same name. It is one of the best beaches in the Azores, with black sands and a priviliged view on the island of Pico. Due to its extension, it is a very crowded beach, also gathering conditions for the practice of diving. The place is guarded, also has toilets, shower and bar service.

Praia do Almoxarife


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Azores earns Earthcheck Silver Certification

According to Marta Guerreiro, Regional Secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism, “we are the first and only archipelago in the world with this certification, we are the only region of Portugal with this certification, we are at the forefront.” The Azores have obtained the exclusive GSTC certification (still only applied in eight countries and 13 regions worldwide) following a two-year …

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A perspective of Santa Maria

It is not possible to talk about Santa Maria Island in recent decades without talking about the airport. Having the 2nd largest runway in the Azores (the first is located at the base of Lajes, Terceira island), Santa Maria played a major role in World War II. However, with the end of the war and the increased autonomy of airplanes, …

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