The island of Pico owes its name to a majestic volcanic mountain, Pico Mountain, which culminates in a pronounced peak, Pico Pequeno or Piquinho. This is the highest mountain in Portugal and the third largest mountain that emerges from the Atlantic, reaching 2,351 meters above sea level.
The Pico offers visitors a wide variety of tourist attractions, connected to the sea. Whale watching allows dolphins and great whales to pass by and visit the archipelago of the Azores.
Pico also has great fame and tradition linked to wine production. The Pico Vineyards, classified since 2004 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, produce high quality wines and their tasting is “mandatory” for those who visit the island of Pico.

Places in Pico

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After all what is a “chicharro”?

THIS IS “CHICHARRO”!! Chicharro is also this: a big party in Ribeira Quente, Povoação, which this year celebrates the 30 years of existence. Tickets will be on sale from May 24 at the usual venues. For the 30 years to be celebrated seriously, Povoação was not sparing in the commitment. In addition to the presence of Mercury, Starlight, Calema, Mosimann …

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