Santa Maria

After the goodbye to São Miguel, and after a flight of 52 nautical miles south, about 15 minutes, we landed at the international airport of the island of Santa Maria, the third smallest of the Azores – 92 km2.

The first sensation is of peace and tranquility provided by the warm atmosphere, characteristic of the Azorean islands.

In the landscape, Santa Maria presents a landscape marked by the contrast of the plain of its western half, where the Airport and the parishes of Vila do Porto, São Pedro and Almagreira, and the other eastern half, much more rugged, are located the parishes of Santa Bárbara and Santo Espírito, and the highest point of the island, Pico Alto.

Places in Santa Maria

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Trail Run, Flores island

After the great success of the race in the Central Group and in Santa Maria, the time came for a visit to the island of Flores. Using the route of the Flores Grand Route, a high competitive level is expected from athletes from all over the country.

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“Studio Monte Palace” exhibition

The work of Graham Gussin can be appreciated here in the fields of photography, drawing and sculpture. This exhibition, which will take place at the Fonseca Machado Gallery, brings together photographs, paintings, drawings and videos that reflect Gussin’s experience in the Azores, particularly in São Miguel. It stands out in the exhibition, the artist’s records of the ruins of the …

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