Pinhal da Paz

Probably the original forest of pines, of which there are few remains, and the Ermida de la Senhora da Paz will be the origin of the name of this Reserve; however, the azalea will have been one of the ornamental species that made it more known, because there are countless visitors looking for the color of these flowers, honored every year in spring, by the Festival of Azaleas, with the music and dances of our folklore.

With an area of 50 hectares the Pinhal da Paz provides, besides the numerous leisure spaces, a strong environmental education component, namely for its thematic collections of camellias, ferns, palms and cacti that have a great botanical interest and pedagogical value. Its proximity to the urban centers of Ponta Delgada, Ribeira Grande and Lagoa make this Recreational Forest Reserve one of the most frequented and emblematic green spaces of the Azores.
The whole park is maintained by vigilantes always available to the vast public that visits the park. The Destinazores thanks all of them and in particular Mr Marco Sousa for the help and kindness provided during our visit.


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