São Vicente Wells

São Vicente Wells are a sea pool, resulting from a re-habilitation performed by the Municipality, in 2006/07, of a zone of baths with few conditions. It is a saltwater pool, naturally fed and bounded by basaltic rocks. It is located in the north limit of the county between the parishes of S. Vicente and Capelas

Source: https://bandeiraazul.abae.pt


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Azores in the Forbes top 20

Cecilia Rodriguez, journalist, traveler and writer, has set tight criteria for choosing the best destinations to live. The criteria were the presence of an international school, quality of life, health system, internet connection, proximity to airports with international flights, cost of living, expat community and low crime rate. Discover the most American-friendly destinations in Europe, those with the best quality of life, …

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Dolphins fly in the Azores

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