Sant'Ana Garden and Palace

Both the garden and the palace date back to the 19th century, a famous gold cycle for the economy of the Azores, thanks to the culture and export of the orange to Great Britain.

In the garden, several exotic botanical species are distinguished, among them a “New Zealand Christmas Tree” – metrosiderus excelsa – that looks more like a virgin mini-forest, such is its volumetry, the entanglement of its branches and the profusion of its aerial roots.

In the Palace, today the Government’s Office, whose plant was commissioned in Paris, the beauty of its facade and the richness of the work of carving of the furniture of the respective dining room should be highlighted. Of note is also the collection of paintings on the royal visit of 1901, by the Lisbon painter Ernesto Ferreira Condeixa.

This collection – Palace and Garden – was acquired from the Marques de Jácome Correia by the Regional Government of the Azores in 1977 for the symbolic price of approximately 80.000 euros.

Fonte: Parish of São Sebastião


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