It is in Povoação that visitors will find a wide variety of natural beauty. The trip (the longest from the airport in Ponta Delgada) is worth it! In Povoação you can visit Furnas, see active volcanic phenomena, enjoy great spots of paragliding or walk in the most beautiful trails of the Azores.

Leaving behind the Furnas valley, from the new and stunning viewpoint of Lomba do Cavaleiro, we are faced: Vila da Povoação, place of settlement of the first settlers of the island, surrounded by its seven hills, like the arms of a star whose nucleus is the Vila itself.

  • The Hermitage of Santa Bárbara, whose construction dates back to the 15th century and which is considered the oldest temple on the island and the Matriz Velha, built by the sea next to the beach where the first settlements of São Miguel landed, are the architectural elements with greatest historical value of Povoação.
  • The viewpoint of Pico Longo, opposite Lomba do Cavaleiro, gives us another excellent view of the complex “Povoação and its seven hills”.
  • The conception of the Museu do Trigo on the road to Lomba do Loução, (with identification signs up to the location), was a concerted action between the local authority and the University of the Azores, recovered and remodeled, thus safeguarding the old professions and traditions of the people of Lombas, whose lands were famous for the abundance of cereal production, even the municipality of Povoação to be known as the “granary of the island”.
  • At the Museu do Trigo it is possible to observe the instruments used to harvest the wheat, as well as a permanent exhibition of panels on the cultivation of this cereal in Lombas and on the island of São Miguel. In addition, the place has an appropriate space for the sale of local, regional and merchandising products, as well as a bar where you can have tea and coffee and taste the products of the land.

Faial da Terra

Faial da Terra and Água Retorta are two small but interesting parishes planted by the sea and with an extraordinary surrounding landscape.

In Faial da Terra you will find Sanguinho, an old village under recovery. In the 70’s there were about 20 houses, inhabited by 200 people. It is a place of great beauty, where nature reigns in its pure state.

Between Labaçal and Sanguinho there is the Ribeira do Faial da Terra trail, a very pleasant walk, since the route is almost always through dark and cool places, with Salto do Prego as an important crossing point.

Places in Povoação

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