Cozido das Furnas

Furnas Lagoon is one of the great tourist attractions of the island of São Miguel! The surrounding of the lagoon goes far beyond the lagoon itself. On its banks you can find trails with great views of the lagoon, visit the boilers that allow the famous Furnas stew, or enjoy the José do Canto garden.

Amidst abundant vegetation, sculptures and lawns that invite you to rest, you will find the Furnas Monitoring and Research Center.


“Inaugurated on July 1, 2011, CMIF plays an important role in the translation of scientific language into forms of knowledge dissemination, capable of captivating visitors for a better understanding of nature, as well as for leisure and recovery activities. environment in a constantly changing landscape”.


On the south bank of the lagoon is the chapel of “Our Lady of Victories”. It was inaugurated on August 15, 1886 and destined to be the mausoleum of José do Canto. This building is part of the José do Canto private garden and it’s open to public.

The entire area surrounding the Furnas lagoon encompasses a set of outdoor areas. You can find a snack and lodging area, toilets, a car park and a large green space with a privileged view of the lagoon, where visitors can contemplate the landscape and develop. leisure activities.


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