Wood - Garden José do Canto

The Wood - Garden José do Canto is located on the south bank of the Furnas Lagoon, surrounding the hermitage of Nossa Senhora das Vitórias and the two buildings located on the banks of the laggon: an anglo-flemish cottage that was designated as "navigation pavilion "and today is the Casa dos Barcos (Boats' House, rural tourism), and a franco-swiss challet that was designated as" fishing lodge ", today, Casa da Lagoa (Lagoon's House, also converted to rural tourism).

The layout of the garden area, with about 10ha, is maintained according to the original design of the landscape architect Barrillet-Deschamps. At the west, is the well-known “Vale dos Fetos”, rebuilt in the middle of the 20th century by the parents of the current owner, Ernesto Hintze Ribeiro and his wife Maria Josefa Gabriela Borges de Sousa Jácome Corrêa.

The street borders are covered by beautiful camellias, many of them centennial, that flourish in the period from January to May and constitute one of the best collections of old camellias. Furnas is known for their camellias, and every year there is an exhibition of these flowers in February or March.

The Wood – Garden José do Canto also offers its visitors a wide range of services , inviting them to a more engaging experience in the garden and in the Furnas lagoon.

Source: Mata Jardim José do Canto


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