Vila Franca do Campo

Vila Franca do Campo, the first capital of São Miguel Island, is currently one of the main tourist centers of the Azores archipelago.

From its inception, prior to 1472, to 1499, the power of the prosperous and populous port-town extended to the whole island, with the domiciled captain, the landed nobility, the great farmers, and the wealthy merchants living there.

In the fertile land, the settlers cultivated wheat in abundance and two industrial plants, the pastel and the sugar cane which, worked in mills, were the object of active commerce with distant countries.

Places in Vila Franca do Campo

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Missing things in the Azores

HIGHWAYS We have no highways and the best we can offer are two SCUTs (fast lanes without costs for the user) in São Miguel. In the Azores we do not pay tolls to move around. TRAFFIC JAMS If we are more than 10m in traffic we don’t like it. In the Azores there are no traffic jams, which can stress …

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Maré de Agosto Festival

The Maré de Agosto Festival is a cultural event that has already brought to Santa Maria more than 400 shows, provided by more than 250 different groups and about 2000 musicians. Among them, prominent names in the music scene, national and international, representative of the most diverse aesthetic styles. Many of them, perhaps less well-publicized, have regularly taken on the …

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