Destinazores in BTL 2022

Destinazores was present at BTL, along with numerous official entities, promoting the Azores and the identity of each island.


The English language is not enough to describe the Azores. Landscapes, volcanism, the sea, traditions and its people can only be discovered when visiting (and discovering) the nine Azorean beautiful islands.

BTL 2022  

At a distance of two hours by plane, the visitor has a huge range of experiences in nature. Contact with the large marine mammals, hiking trails, surfing, paragliding or simply “getting lost” in the great Azorean landscapes are some of the many natural activities in the archipelago.

The Azores are not just nature. Along with the architectural richness and the different colors of each island, the visitor is invited to a great gastronomic experience. Fish and meat, locally produced cheeses and butters and the famous Pico wines are some of the proposals that the Azores have to offer. And there’s nothing like culminating in the famous Furnas stew on the island of São Miguel.


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