Several alternatives of long walks through flowing paths, fresh paths and green fields, climbing hills and descending valleys, transmit to the walker a pleasant sensation of absolute tranquility, while, step by step, they provide exciting pictures of the most remote places of the Azorean landscape, allied to the pleasure of a direct and always healthy contact with Nature.




The mild climate of the islands in close connection with its natural environment, provide excellent conditions for the practice of outdoor sports, such as golf, tennis, hunting and inland fishing.


The Azores have great conditions for Paragliding, especially in the summer months. Currently this modality is practiced in almost all the islands of the Archipelago. On several islands there are flight zones that have become a must-visit for all those who are interested in this activity. In August the International Paragliding Meeting of the Azores is held, promoted by Horta’s Aero Club.

Further strengthening these conditions, the crystalline blue sea that bathes the coast of the Azorean islands is calm and of pleasant temperature inviting to the practice of different nautical sports, like “Surf”, “Windsurf”, Sailing, Rowing, Sailing and swimming, and is extremely rich in fish varieties, which allow amateurs of line and high sea fishing excellent catches, even providing, some of them, European or world records, especially in the triangle between the islands Faial, Pico and São Jorge and its channels.

In this regard, it should be noted that in the Region there are own rental boats with personnel able to lead the lover of deep sea fishing to the most suitable places for this purpose.

For the lovers of underwater observations and explorations, the Azores’ seas offer extraordinary multi-colored backgrounds of great wealth, not only in visual but also in marine animal and plant life. Contrasting with the cliffs of the island’s coast, some cozy beaches and natural pools open to the sea are a place of leisure and socializing, especially during the bathing season.




In sports and recreational fields, you can indicate some of the options. In the Azores there are currently three golf courses, one in Terceira and two in São Miguel, one of which is under construction on Ilha do Faial and in the design phase o Ilha de Santa Maria.