Festa de Maios na freguesia da Maia

A Grand Feast of Maios, with the noble participation of Inês Maia, the first founding village of Maia, will take place, in that parish, on May 1, 2018, beginning at 11:00 in the Santo António Canto.

With the accomplishment of this event, the House of the People of Maia intends to perpetuate the tradition of the Maios, paying homage to its people and the founder of the parish, Inês Maia, symbolically represented in a Giant May “environmentally friendly”.

Continuing Maia’s Strategic Tourist Literacy Plan, it is with pride that the House of the People invites all interested people to go to Maia, where Inês Maia’s visit will be held to the rest of the parish, with lots of street entertainment . It will be made known to this fierce, hard-working and hard-working woman who, in the fifteenth century, boldly chose only maiato to settle.

On the next day of the Worker and the traditional Maios, the parish of Maia proposes another event that reinforces its collective cultural heritage and reveals its history and work capacity of its people, placing Maia on the Cultural and Tourist Routes the Azores, mainland Portugal and the Portuguese diaspora spread throughout the world.

Join us on the 1st of May and warm the soul with a Gorreana Tea, accompanied by traditional biscuits from the parish of Maia.


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