Furnas – 1001 reasons to visit

Located on the eastern side of São Miguel-Azores, the Furnas parish is inside the crater of a still active volcano. The volcanic activity is seen and appreciated by all who visit the Furnas, but its beauty and points of interest are not only in the small town.


Everywhere in the Furnas, you can see volcanic phenomena. From the famous baked “cozido” – made under the earth – to the boilers and water springs, volcanic activity reminds us that São Miguel is not an extinct island. On the contrary! This vibrant activity is responsible for the fertile soils, the unique beauty of the entire Furnas Valley and the unique ways of life that have adapted to the extreme conditions of the place.

The volcanic activity reserves surprises to those who visit Furnas. In the most unexpected places spring water springs with completely different flavors and (what is said) with medicinal properties. The boilers, with their characteristic scents and deep noises, remind us that the island is alive. And the warm waters of the interior of the earth are used to make natural pools, such as the “Poça da Dona Beija“.

What else does the Furnas volcanism offer us? Continue reading to discover the cuisine Mother Nature offered to São Miguell!


The Furnas Valley is not really a valley but a huge crater of a volcano! After several volcanic eruptions, this crater was slaughtering giving place to a also enormous boiler. The Furnas were surrounded by mountains. Consequence? Great paragliding spots and magnificent viewpoints. Around the Furnas, the viewpoints leave great memories to those who visit them.

Do miradouro do Pico do Ferro, sobranceiro à lagoa, pode vislumbrar toda a deslumbrante beleza do Vale das Furnas que, de outro ângulo, poderá também ser apreciada do miradouro do Salto do Cavalo, juntamente com uma boa panorâmica sobre a Vila da Povoação.

Terra Nostra Park

By 1775, Thomas Hickling, a wealthy merchant from Boston, who was the Honorary Consul of the United States in São Miguel, had a wooden house, named Yankee Hall, built as well as a large water tank with a island in the middle and surrounded it with trees. It is still possible today to see an English oak planted by Hickling.

Visiting the Furnas and not going to Terra Nostra Park is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope! Located in the center of Furnas, Terra Nostra Park is one of the great botanical gardens of the Azores. In addition to observing the species along “avenues” and secret paths through the garden, the visitor is invited to a hot, invigorating and unforgettable bath.

Furnas Stew

The Furnas reserve us a huge gastronomic surprise. In Furnas Lagoon, the volcanic soil of high temperatures is the perfect “stove” to cook the “Cozido das Furnas” (Furnas stew).

The cooking can last between 5 to 6 hours, making the stew in an exquisite delicacy of unique flavor. Visitors can use their own pot or simply reserve the stew in the restaurants of the parish.


TrilhosThe Furnas offer visitors many trails with different difficulties. The rails are frequently maintained and properly certified. They are also adapted to the age and physical condition of each walker. Thus, it is possible to enjoy the mountains and the viewpoints, or simply make a fantastic (and flat) turn around the Furnas Lagoon. Click here to see the trails of the whole island.

Photos kindly provided by Paulino Pavão


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