Dolphins fly in the Azores

In the Azores, dolphins can fly and fish by diving in a fast flight over the fish!

This could be the beginning of a description of the image in this article. In this one, the photographer invites the observer to imagine where the dolphin comes from: is it a jump from the water or was it flying smoothly before a flight steeply over the Atlantic?

Whatever the reader imagines, the resemblance to a seagull is evident, except for the wings. But putting aside the imagination, a reality comes into view: the freedom of the dolphin!

The Azores are a world sanctuary for marine species, including large mammals. In the archipelago, they are strongly protected whether they live here or are passing through to other destinations.

These residents, live and reproduce in complete freedom and do not forget to toast us with their kindness. For most of our visitors, the observation of marine life – which does not end with whales and dolphins – is an experience of a lifetime!


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