Great artists at the Chicharro Festival

For the celebration of Chicharro 2018 are confirmed the presence of Pedro Abrunhosa, Diogo Piçarra, Fernando Daniel, Danny Avila, I Love Baile Funk, Overule & MC Landu BI and André Henriques. It is a poster that stands out, once again, for the quality and diversity of artists who will step on the stage of the Ribeira Quente.

The president of the Maré Viva Association, Rúben Melo, said it was “important not to forget that in recent years, fortunately and also the result of a lot of work, the organization has gone great. We always try to have the best artists, especially artists who stand out for the live performances, but we also give utmost importance to all the logistic aspects, always trying to implement very well defined standards so that the festivities enjoy themselves with the best possible conditions.

This year’s edition will feature Pedro Abrunhosa, who does not have great performances, because in addition to the best songs, the best albums, this great Portuguese artist makes every live concert a unique and special “Moment”.

Diogo Piçarra is another of the sounding names of this summer festival that places Ribeira Quente in the spotlight of the island of São Miguel. Singer, musician, producer and writer, this artist dispenses, today, great presentations. Piçarra is synonymous with success and fun, and if not for him, one of the most prominent artists in the national music scene.

The tickets for the Chicharro 2018 that this year will take place between July 5th and 8th, in the parish of Ribeira Quente, will be on sale from June 5th.

In Ribeira Quente the point of sale will be, as usual, at Café Adelino; in Furnas, at Bar Caldeiras; in Povoação, at Guida Pastry; in Ponta Delgada at Cafés Tofa of Parque Atlântico, at Azores of Portas do Mar store, at União Micaelense Club and at the Azores Park Supply Station; in Ribeira Grande at Mitólândia, Vila Franca do Campo, and Gelataria Saraiva; in the Nordeste at Snack-Bar Jarrinha and in Lagoa at Youth Hostel.


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