Time to relax, beautify and enjoy the volcano

Ferraria's thermal baths date back to the middle of the 20th century, but the qualities of its water were already mentioned four centuries earlier by Gaspar Frutuoso in the work 'Saudades da Terra'.

Considered a unique case in the world, due to the existence of thermal salt water with a very high sulfur content, Ferraria waters, besides curing problems of rheumatism and nevrites, are also used to treat diseases of other forums.

With the investment recently completed, it was possible to maintain the original layout of the original building and, at the same time, equip it with evolved equipment, which allowed to create a modern Thermal SPA, which reconciles the traditional concept of thermal baths with therapeutic and medicinal purposes to a more modern aspect of thermal tourism and techniques of physiotherapy, relaxation and well-being.

Sources: Centróptico Photo Collection | Termas da Ferraria


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