São Jorge, the island of the “fajãs”

São Jorge is the island of cliffs, cliffs and "fajãs", one of the greenest of the Azores archipelago and the perfect place for a holiday in contact with nature and the sea.

São JorgeThis 54 km long and 6.9 km wide maximum island is part of the Central Group and is one of the vertices of the so-called “triangle islands”, together with Faial and Pico, which is 18.5 km away.



São JorgeBeautifully landscaped the contrast of the central mountain range that runs across the island almost along its length, with the rugged and jagged coastline, dotted with the typical fajãs that extend into the sea. The fajãs are small plains that originated from landslides or lava and on this island there are over 40, hence often called the island of fajãs. In some cases there is only pedestrian access, so the trails are one of the best ways to discover it, and there are paths suitable for various physical conditions and specialized accompaniment.

São Jorge-Fajã OuvidorFrom the “Fajã of Caldeira do Santo Cristo”, most famous for its tasty clams, to “Fajã dos Cubres”, with a crystal clear lagoon, and “Fajã do Ouvidor” with its natural pools, strolling through the island of São Jorge is admiring the parceled land for subsistence agriculture, the stone houses with three-guillotine windows, waterfalls and the curious steel cables for transporting firewood to the coastal plains.

Source: visitportugal.com


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