Fogo lagoon highlighted in Europe

Fogo lagoon, on the island of São Miguel is a prominent landscape for the European Best Destination and the Sapo Viagens portal ( See more...

According to the portal Sapo Viagens, Lagoa do Fogo was chosen by the European Best Destination as one of the 18 most beautiful landscapes in Europe.

According to the portal, “Across Europe there are breathtaking landscapes. From untouched landscapes to charming villages by the lake, passing through colorful forests and quiet islands, in Europe there is a little bit of everything in images that look like they come out of a painting “.

The São Miguel lagoons are famous for their beauty and after the Sete Cidades lagoon were elected as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal, it is time for Fogo lagoon to have the prominence it deserves.


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