Do not throw garbage to the ground (or into the air)

The municipality of Ponta Delgada actively engages in the cleaning of Ponta Delgada during the Senhor Santo Cristo celebrations. For this, they also count on the civism of those who visit us.

Santo Cristo 2019

Crédito: Paulino Pavão

The celebrations of “Senhor Santo Cristo” gather thousands of people in a tight space and invariably produces a lot of garbage. And the garbage collection points are not always visible due to the large crowds.

As the celebrations only end at the end of this week, Destinazores helps to clean and preserve the party place.

More than a “waste bin route”, the map below gives you an overview of the waste collection points. So, if you visit the Campo de São Francisco, you know: it is surrounded by garbage collection points on all sides, except for the air.


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