São Miguel trails map

The new map of the certified trails of São Miguel is now available. The map integrates information with the website www.destinazores.com, through QR codes.


Destinazores innovated and decided to produce a map for those who like information on paper and for those who want everything on their mobile device. By reading the QR code of each trail, the hiker has all the information he needs.

This information is constantly evolving and is targeted to the needs of each trail. On the interactive online maps, bus stops, viewpoints, mini-markets, restaurants and other useful landmarks are available for those who love to discover nature.

These maps are intended for tour operators but you can pick up your copy here:

LGM – Gestão de Suportes Publicitários, Lda
Bairro Arcanjo Lar, 11-Cave
Ponta Delgada – Açores
GPS coordinates: 37.749013, -25.679725

The photos below show the production phase and were kindly provided by Coingra.


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