Maré de Agosto: musical icon

The Associação Cultural Maré de Agosto was formally constituted on October 16, 1987, in Vila do Porto, after two years of activity with the main objective of promoting and supporting cultural action on the island of Santa Maria, especially with the organization of the Maré Festival of August.

The Association effectively resulted in a “magical night” in 1984 that without knowing it would be the first of many tides. The origins of the Maré de Agosto Festival were basically the origin of the Association, when that night a group of Azorean artists decided to promote a meeting of musicians on the island.

The initiative was so pleasing to everyone that the decision to continue with the event was a natural one, deserving from the outset the consensus of all the participants, being nowadays the main activity of the Association. However, in addition to the Festival’s annual performance, the Association organizes several events in almost all areas of the Arts (workshops, theater, plastic arts, photography, etc.), and keeps it running during the school year, Escolinha da Maré, a music school in which musical training is offered to all who wish to develop their musical skills.

The Association is one of the most important centers of cultural and recreational action, in a small island of less than 6000 inhabitants, and as an undeniable reference in the Azorean cultural panorama. In the same way, this activity has made an enormous contribution to the economic dynamism of the island of Santa Maria, especially in the tourism sector.

Source: Associação Cultural Maré de Agosto


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