Festas do Nordeste 2019

AGIR, Luís Represas and Matias Damásio are the bands that this year pass through the Northeast. The program starts on Thursday, July 11, with AGIR, followed by Matias Damásio on Friday, and Luís Represas on Saturday.

The festivities include other bands that will open the concerts on Friday and Saturday. THE CODE opens the artist Matias Damásio, and the Girls of Ipanema precede the concert of Luís Represas, on Saturday.

The dance artists also return to Nordeste, with KAY-X headlining on Friday, and DEEPJAY on Saturday. SOULSKY and PLAY are other names that will be on the stage of Nordeste. The municipality sought to contemplate and please several generations of people attending the Festivities of the Northeast, going from more current bands, such as AGIR, to other more transversal bands such as Luís Represas. The entrance will be free, indoors and safely.

Festas Nordeste 2019




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