Male Friend’s Day is today.

The four Thursdays, before Carnival, are dedicated to very particular festivities. These celebrations, which begin with men, pass pass next week to women.

Dia dos Amigos

A friend invites another friend, who brings one more and still another. One group joins another and sometimes the groups get so wide that they join people who do not even know each other. They eat, drink and have fun.

Restaurants, strip clubs and nightclubs are filled with men who take the opportunity to kill friends on that day – or even strengthen friendship – always accompanied by a lot of food and drink.

Restoration and nightclubs close the doors to women and just allow entry to male groups.

Next Thursday, it is up to women to “take revenge” on men. On Women Ffriend’s Day, the men stay at home and the women go out to dinner – sometimes masquerading as Carnival fantasies – to celebrate the value of friendship in a different way.



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