Pelames Recreational Park

Thinking of children, but also young people, adults and seniors, the Town Hall of Povoação has scheduled several activities for the new leisure space available on the waterfront of Povoação.

The Pelames Recreational Park will receive, on September 22, from 6 pm, various activities that will continue until the evening. So, at 6:00 pm, the zumba class begins, open to the population. Soon after, at 7:30 p.m., there will be a demonstration of “capoeira” for those interested in learning a little about this art and sport of Brazilian origin. By the 21 hours will be the turn of the folklore to take care of the animation and to close the night, at 22 hours, Lina Freitas and Marisa Dias give voice to the new enclosure that will be inaugurated tomorrow, September 21.

The Pelames Recreational Park is a project financed by the Town Hall, which includes swimming pools, which were open to the public last July, a Children’s Park, which to date did not exist in Povoação, a cycle path, green and wooded areas, very soon, a bar with terrace.


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