Pico: island or mountain?

The history of this mountain begins on a 750,000-year-old volcano. The Pico has 2351 meters and dominates the heights in Portugal.

The highest point in Portugal is a mountain of volcanic origin with 2351 meters of altitude that is on the island of Pico, the second largest island of the Azores archipelago. At the top of the mountain is the central crater of the volcano, Pico Grande. Inside it rises a cone of lava of 70 meters known as Small Peak or Piquinho from where they emit fumaroles.

Although the access is difficult because of the steep slope, it is possible to walk up this mountain with some effort and good physical preparation. The Pico Mountain Volcano, the third largest of the Atlantic, is a recent volcano about 750,000 years old. The last eruption occurred in 1718.

Source: RTP


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