Beaches of Ribeira Grande with flag “Gold Quality”

There are three bathing areas in the county of Ribeira Grande that will display the “Quality of Gold” flag during the bathing season of 2018. The beach of Santa Bárbara (Ribeira Seca), Moinhos beach (Porto Formoso) and the bathing area of ​​Calhetas are awarded with the annual award awarded by Quercus.

The National Association of Conservation of Nature classified the three bathing areas mentioned above as “Beach with Quality of Gold”, which means that they meet several quality parameters that are monitored annually.

Because they have presented good quality during the last five years, the evaluated beaches offer reliability in relation to water quality. The award also confirms the excellence of results achieved in the last bathing season.

This means that the beaches of Ribeira Grande meet the criteria of excellent water quality over the last five years and of the analyzes carried out between 2012 and 2017, without exception, presented values ​​lower than 100ufc / 100ml for Enterococcus intestinaise, inferior to 250ufc / 100ml for Escherichia coli and, for inland waters, 200ufc / 100mle 500ufc / 100ml, respectively.

It should be recalled that these three bathing areas of the county of Ribeira Grande had already been awarded, again, with the blue flag, an award that reinforces the quality that spaces offer bathers. The opening of the bathing season in Ribeira Grande is scheduled for June 2 and will be signaled with the flags flying in those three places.

Source: Câmara Municipal da Ribeira Grande


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