Azores, a fantastic (and sustainable) destination

Big 7 Travel has done research with its readers and editorial staff. It also used data from the tourism sector and the result was this: the Azores are the 12th best tourist destination in the world when we talk about islands!

And don’t think the competition was weak. The Azores have been ahead of many reputable and famous tourist destinations. Koh Tao in Thailand, Capri in Italy, Bali in Indonesia, Ibiza in Spain, Corsica in France and Santorini in Greece are some big names behind the Azorean archipelago.

Big 7 Travel spares no praise to the Azores. The superb landscapes, wildlife, volcanic activity and its lagoons were determining factors in choosing the Azores as a destination of excellence.

For the less informed, the Azores are an archipelago of nine islands, all naturally different, with unique people and lifestyles and their own cuisine. Therefore it is recommended on the site a visit to all the islands.


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