Azores in the Forbes top 20

From a pre-selection of 120 destinations, Forbes magazine chose the 20 best European destinations to live, occasionally or permanently. The Azores are one of them.

Cecilia Rodriguez, journalist, traveler and writer, has set tight criteria for choosing the best destinations to live.

The criteria were the presence of an international school, quality of life, health system, internet connection, proximity to airports with international flights, cost of living, expat community and low crime rate.

Lagoa do Fogo

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For Forbes, it is relevant and very positive that the Azores have strong links with the United States, starting with whaling and currently with perfectly integrated communities in the country.

The good climate, the low cost of living and real estate are also decisive for the choice of the magazine.

Low taxes, air and sea connections between the islands and direct flights to the European and American continents were other characteristics that convinced Cecilia Rodriguez to choose the Azores as a premium destination.

Source: Forbes


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