Ponta Delgada

Azores Outdoor Activities

Get ready to live moments of great emotions! Have you thought of going through Moto4 / Atv the highest points that surround the most paradisiacal craters of the planet?

The Azores Outdoor Activities, based in the island of São Miguel, offers a set of tours with the most diverse activities.

In addition to the traditional tours, this company combines several activities that enrich the stay of those who visit the island. For example, it is possible to swim at night in the volcanoes, milk the famous cows of São Miguel or do a paragliding baptism! These activities are integrated in the packages that Azores Outdoor Activities offers.

If you want to discover São Miguel in a more traditional way, the Azores Outdoor Activities offers vehicles adapted to comfort and less adventurous visitors. Discovering the immense volcanic craters on a motorcycle 4 is an experience of great freedom, but you can do it on an all-terrain with the whole family.

Rua Nossa Senhora
das Candeias nº 1D, 9545-242
Fenais da Luz, Ponta Delgada


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