Casal do Vulcão

The name "Casal do Vulcão" arises due to the position of the houses and the building, located in the place of Canto, near the Capelinhos Volcano, the name of the place probably coming from Cabeço overlooking the building, Cabeço do Canto.

Couple because it offers a set of four buildings and a cistern for tourist use, within the scope of Tourism in Rural Space, in the modality of Country Houses, integrated in a total space of about 1,000 m2.

The four buildings are perfectly independent of each other, one being the Main House (70.79 m2) and the remaining three buildings annexed thereto.

Building II had two floors and served as Atafona (126 m2), where were kept the corn and grains of consumption of the family.

House III, also with two floors, was used as Palheiro (86.4) where the straw and fodder were kept for the animals and the agricultural utensils.

In house IV called Carro de Bois (31.13 m2) was kept the ox cart that great use had at that time.

Lugar do Canto
9900-306 Capelo




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