Peter Café Sport

“If you sail to Horta and do not visit ‘Peter’s’, you have not actually seen Horta.”

This is – especially among yachtsmen – a common expression, repeated over and over again. It is a phrase that loyally expresses the reality that has been built around this cafe-bar – which from an early point has gained a remarkable worldwide projection.

The privileged geographic position that the city of Horta occupies, between America and Europe, makes it an obligatory point of passage of the Atlantic navigations.

For a hundred years, sailors from all over the world, sheltered by this harbor, have found support in ‘Peter’s’ friendly and welcoming atmosphere of open conviviality and pleasant conversations.

Peter Café Sport

Along with these men, within this small Atlantic Café, are also found common travelers and tourists, who seek the mystique and fame of a special and unique environment, better savored with a gin and tonic.

Source: Peter Café Sport

Rua José Azevedo, 9
9900-027 Horta



  • Accepts reservations
  • Outdoor Tables
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Accepts credit card
  • Table service