Angra do Heroísmo

Pico da Vigia

The farm is located in a rural parish and in this, in its extreme, by the sea. Incognito in the surrounding landscape, the houses are almost lost between walls and traditional enclosures. They are 6. With the exterior appearance inspired by traditional stone-clad haystacks and an essentially open space interior, it mixes details of the local architecture and culture with modern furniture or decorative elements.

Those who enter these houses feel like staying a little longer. The reserved environment, the details that distinguish it and the simplicity, immediately lose the ceremony. You are at ease and time is slowing. In the design of this space there was always a special attention to comfort, because happiness lies in the small things.

The farmhouse has an orchard with about 1000 diverse fruit treeS, although still very small. By 2017 or 2018 it will be possible to obtain oranges, apples, plums, anonas, among other fruits. Vegetables are constantly changing, depending on the time of year and the possible crops at the moment. The greenhouse, with 1500 m2, has products available almost all year round. There are even outdoor proteins, constantly struggling to earn their living space on the farm.

Canada das Ruas
9700-471 Santa Bárbara



The agricultural environment is available for several functions:
  • Ride - they are close to 53 thousand m2 of farm to meet and walk
  • Provision of products - the products of the farm can be used for the daily cooking of the guests
  • Gym - work on earth "shapes any body"
  • Therapist - contact with the earth is excellent in emotional and psychological terms, especially with stress.