Picoway Rent-a-car

Rent-a-car PicoWay was born on the island of Pico in the summer of 2016, boosted by the strong tourist influx that has been registered in the Archipelago, placing more vehicles available to all who work or laser can visit the Azores and enjoy the paradise we have to offer.

With a young and dynamic team, a new and modern fleet, Picoway thus tries to satisfy the needs of each customer, who can find service counters at the main entrances of the Mountain Island, Magdalena and Airport.

With the prospect of expanding its services in the Azores Archipelago, PicoWay rent-a-car, confident in the professionalism of its work and satisfaction of its customers, with only one year of existence, in the summer of 2016 was represented on the island neighbor, São Jorge, through the partner AzoreanWay rent-a-car.

Canada da Igreja
9950-232 Criação Velha

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