A paradise to be explored

While everyone is thinking of vacationing in Paris and Amsterdam, the Condé Nast Traveler (CNT) has found the perfect destination for adventurers: the Azores. The publication highlights the beaches, the forests and the indescribable fascination of the nine islands of the archipelago.

The American magazine highlights three reasons why everyone should be buying trips to the Azores.

First, by adventure. The archipelago is made for outdoor exploration. The publication highlights the steep cliffs, ideal for canyoning, and the mountains for hiking for several hours, as well as its location in the middle of the Atlantic, which means it has a privileged marine life, including the possibility of diving with sharks, for the more adventurous swimmers.

Second, for the natural beauty. The green valleys, the cliffs by the sea, rows of blue hydrangeas and the waterfalls make the Azores, according to the CNT, “a paradise to be explored.” In the article is also highlighted the view of the top of the crater of the Seven Cities, in São Miguel, where it is possible to see the Lagoon of Seven Cities in shades of green and blue. The magazine leaves the council: you can not miss the island of Pico, known for the vineyards classified by UNESCO, and with a coast where it is possible to observe whales and dolphins.

Last but not least, the magazine cites boiled food in the heat of the earth. The “traditional stew that is made in a non-traditional way”, the famous stew of Furnas is another reason to visit the Azores, especially now that the connections have increased and made it easier to visit the archipelago.

Source: viagens.sapo.pt


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