Recreation of the Traditional Harvest, Maia, São Miguel

A recreation of the traditional vintage is the great tourist poster of the Maia parish for October 6, 2018.

In this initiative organized by the Maia Tourist Office / House of the People of Maia, the reception and accompaniment of the visitors to the place of the event will be made by a technical team, at 8:30 am, in the trench of the Calhau D’Areia Beach. approved track “Fonte Santa – Praia da Viola”.

Recriação da Vindima Tradicional

The great attention will be in the Moinhos da Maia, popularly known as Moinhos do Vasquinho, which have been recently restored and adapted for the confection of food in a wood oven, to the delight of visitors.

The various vines in the grounds of these windmills and the tradition of producing scented wine, which is very much appreciated by the community, will give rise to the re-creation of the traditional vintage, an initiative of a tourist-cultural nature that intends to make known ancestral practices of great pride for the people of Maia.

There will also be an exhibition alluding to the people of Maia in the 20th century, with a great emphasis on their daily life and country life. In the animation of the event, several songwriters will be present at the challenge and torn with roots in that parish.

After being harvested, the grapes will be crushed in their own equipment and stored, with the fermentation process taking place. In parallel, their shells will be crushed in a press, resulting in the extraction and use of the remaining liquid. Join us in celebrating the traditional and secular culture of Azorean wine!



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